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Me posing with backpack on, clouds below in the distant, as I climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Getting Interested in Sleep and Meditation

shaved my moustache offGetting really interested in The Science of Sleep and how we’re affected by sleep.  Tom Venuto has a great
arcticle on my website about how much sleep do we need. Sleep can also be affected through sound.  Found a great product called Holosync Audio Technology that creates states of deep meditation and gives you the benefits of long-term, deep meditation, but much more quickly.  Very cool stuff.  I’m listening to the free CD they send out right now.  Go get it… they really do send out a free cd letting you sample their audio technology.  Did I say “very cool” yet?

Oh, and after 14 years without seeing my top lip, I shaved my moustache off.  Comments ladies?

I was at a Halloween party at my skydive club here in Edmonton, when someone mentioned that I should get rid of it.  Another girl quickly agreed, so I began to take some polls.  The result was my decision to just shave it off with the fallback position that “it will always grow back”.  I really like having it shaved now and would never go back.


Snow Sleep and Tanning for Health


Merry Christmas 2004

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  1. Hey Rob,

    I shaved my moustache off a couple years ago after having it 22 years (since peach fuzz) and I’ll never have it again. Anyone with a longish ‘stash looks like a ’70s porn star…which may not be entirely bad????

    I’m in Maui at the moment….condo sales have been good. We’ll have some suites in the 200k range in the spring if you know anyone who is looking…


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