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Best Survivor Quote – Survivor Micronesia

best survivor quotesI’m one of the biggest Survivor fans and this season’s Survivor Micronesia is no exception. I don’t watch TV, but rather download the episodes via my bitTorrent client and then watch them the next day or a few days later when I’ve got the time. After episode 5 of Fans vs Favorites, I got to thinking about the best survivor quotes.

Episode 5 of Survivor Micronesia had the tribes merge, the earliest they’ve ever merged. Tribes were chosen schoolyard style and Joel ended up with his least favorite team mate Chet, yet again.

During the reward challenge, Joel and Chet were “tied” together and had to chase two other players through a complex obstacle course. Chet was tied behind Joel by a length of rope of about 3 to 4 feet.

Joel “Mac Truck” Anderson pretty much dragged Chet through the course and in the first “collision” pulled him over an obstacle landing him face first into the mud. Moments later Chet fell and Joel dragged him into a post where he hit his head. They kept going, Joel continueing to drag Chet.

They didn’t catch their prey and the team lost the challenge.

Moments after finishing, this short conversation took place, of which I deem one of the Best Survivor Quotes during the series:

Chet: I hit my head

Joel: I don’t care

Chet: I know

We couldn’t stop laughing. Seeing Chet dragged and injured during the challenge, in hindsight, wasn’t funny, but we sure laughed at the time.


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  1. I loved that quote. I was watching it and could not believe how funny it was as they were showing them talking back and forth in subtitles.

    Overall though I am kind of losing interest in this seasons survivor. I am not sure if I am burned out from Survivor or if I really just miss the starvation that the first few seasons showed us

  2. anthrogirl

    This had to be the rock bottom Survivor scene of all time. Whatever anyone thought of Chet, this was a malicious, deliberate, physical “assault” by pumped up, steroidal Joel. And he was such an arrogant pig about it.

    This Survivor episode plummeted to the level of low life reality shows like Jerry Springer, at best (where at least the violence is fake). The whole scene pandered to current American stereotypes and hatreds–by showing a burly macho man pulling a “sissy” through the mud–and getting off on hurting him. The producers should be ashamed. Joel should have been penalized for this. Not cool. Not acceptable.

    Was this a bit of exploitation by CBS, playing into prejudices rife in this country today? Is this really the 21st century? And that any of us laughed despite the ugliness of this particular scene says something about current American culture. Who are we?

    Survivor is tanking, along with Bush and the dollar. Lowest common denominator production. What crap.

  3. Rob

    @anthrogirl – yes to a lot of that. Joel is most certainly not on steroids. I don’t think it was the rock bottom of episodes though.

    Yes Chet was dragged, not too cool

    People behave a lot differently when they’re not eating. The brain doesn’t function too well without glucose. I keep having to remind my buddy of that – he thinks they make poor decisions all the time.

    of course they make poor decisions, they’re starving!

    Joel’s team wanted food, he was doing what he could to get it. Chet fell and Joel wasn’t watching what was going on behind him.

    Personally, I don’t blame any of them a bit.

    It’s a game. They know what the costs are and they know that they’re playing for a million dollars.

    I appreciate your position.

    Thanks for the comment

  4. that really sucked!!!! im trina do a project and thought that would help, but i was wrong!! THAT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. its a razor phone

  6. katie

    Haha I loved that one, but my favourite quotes from Micronesia always seemed to come from James… or in one case, James’ father

    James: You can’t swim out there. Popeye wouldn’t swim out there! You’d die!

    James: I don’t know how they have survived so long, poor things. They should be dead!

    Eliza: I’m right here!
    James: I know, but you’re dying.
    James: Oh you’re dying AND you got attitude

    James Sr: Oh wait til we get home, we gonna talk about her

    James: That fish bit me!

    I think most of the time it’s the way he says it that just makes it absolutely hilarious

    However, my all time favourite Micronesia quote…

    Jason: It’s got a face on it, don’t worry!
    Eliza: Ozzy must’ve put it there. It’s not the idol!
    Jason: Why do you say that?
    Eliza: Because that can’t be the idol!
    Jason: Why not?
    Eliza: Because it’s just a stick!
    Jason: I know… You think so?
    Eliza: I think that that’s not the idol.
    Jason: That’s a bummer…

    That one had me rolling on the couch laughing!

  7. Seems I forgot the end of one quote…

    James: Even Popeye wouldn’t go in there. You go in there, you’d die! That’s the ocean, on the other side is California!

  8. cybacaT

    I have to AGREE completely.

    This was THE funniest Survivor moment of all time – and I’ve watched every episode.

    The lazy, useless, paperweight Chet being dragged unwillingly through the maze by the over-testosteroned firefighter was hilarious. Comedy Gold.

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