best survivor quotesI’m one of the biggest Survivor fans and this season’s Survivor Micronesia is no exception. I don’t watch TV, but rather download the episodes via my bitTorrent client and then watch them the next day or a few days later when I’ve got the time. After episode 5 of Fans vs Favorites, I got to thinking about the best survivor quotes.

Episode 5 of Survivor Micronesia had the tribes merge, the earliest they’ve ever merged. Tribes were chosen schoolyard style and Joel ended up with his least favorite team mate Chet, yet again.

During the reward challenge, Joel and Chet were “tied” together and had to chase two other players through a complex obstacle course. Chet was tied behind Joel by a length of rope of about 3 to 4 feet.

Joel “Mac Truck” Anderson pretty much dragged Chet through the course and in the first “collision” pulled him over an obstacle landing him face first into the mud. Moments later Chet fell and Joel dragged him into a post where he hit his head. They kept going, Joel continueing to drag Chet.

They didn’t catch their prey and the team lost the challenge.

Moments after finishing, this short conversation took place, of which I deem one of the Best Survivor Quotes during the series: