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SEO Position Number One For Keyword Tom Venuto

I love it.  Another keyword of mine has just got ranked number one by Google. 

tom venuto

Search Google for Tom Venuto and see what you get when you read this.  I’ve watched this page climb and climb in the rankings for the search term Tom Venuto and when it was in position number 4, I made some tweaks and it shot up to number 2, and today number 1.  Yeeeeeehaaaa.  I love it.  I love what Tom Venuto provides and his book http://www.burnthefatbook.com/ is the best fat burning product on the net.  His Number one ranked book is called “Burn the fat, feed the muscle”. This is the page that is ranked #1 for Tom Venuto right now


Happy New Year and New Year Resolutions


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  1. I finally updated my blog after your prodding. I’m getting back in the swing. I’m bulking through Feb (or March?) before we cut.

    You up for it?

  2. Rob

    Good. I’ll go have a look at your new updated blog. As for bulking up before cutting, I’m sort of doing both at the same time. Due to travelling and work, I haven’t been in a gym for 4 months. My first priority is just to get back into the rhythm of twice daily workouts. Cardio in the morning and then training in the afternoon. I’ll be putting on some mass just from training, let alone a bodybuilder mass diet.

    am I up for it? na, I’m just going to focus on training right now, and regular cardio. One step at a time until I get some muscle back. Then I may do a 2 month mass building project, but that’s a BIG maybe

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