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Increase Website PR With Link Building Strategies

If you’re an internet marketer or just want to improve the amount of links to your website, you’ve probably done a lot of link trading.

Link Exchanges and Link Trading are quite popular and usually a manual process.

The value of reciprocal links vs one way links is still being discussed around the internet marketing community and most say that reciprocal linking is still alive and well.

However, a reciprocal link (I link to you if you link to me) seems to be frowned upon by Google where a one way link is deemed much more valuable.

If you do linking strategies of any sort, your most aware of the amount of work involved in communicating with the website owner, placing your links etc and hopefully requesting triangular linking (You link to my site A from your site A and then I link back to your site A from my site B), hence triangular and one way, but both benefiting.

Well, I am happy to recommend a free link building resource that allows you to automate the entire one-way-link process.

You register your website (must be php or asp) and then install the script.  This is not a directory script, but rather a link building service.

Then you enter a url to your website and the category (so your links are put in relevant topic websites) and your Unique Clickable Text.

The service then begins to place your link on other websites automatically at the rate you specify (1 per day, 2 per day etc, up to 5 per day)

So far, this free link building service is the best thing I’ve seen for promoting your websites and increasing your PR, SEO and traffic

SEO Position Number One For Keyword Tom Venuto

I love it.  Another keyword of mine has just got ranked number one by Google. 

tom venuto

Search Google for Tom Venuto and see what you get when you read this.  I’ve watched this page climb and climb in the rankings for the search term Tom Venuto and when it was in position number 4, I made some tweaks and it shot up to number 2, and today number 1.  Yeeeeeehaaaa.  I love it.  I love what Tom Venuto provides and his book http://www.burnthefatbook.com/ is the best fat burning product on the net.  His Number one ranked book is called “Burn the fat, feed the muscle”. This is the page that is ranked #1 for Tom Venuto right now

Where Does Google Get All It’s Hard Drive Space?

Found this image that explains where Google gets all it’s hard drive space.  This makes complete sense now.  It might even be a fair jump to say that google is taking it’s adsense and adwords earnings and then digging… which in effect may be contributing to earthquakes around the world.  So, the jump is “Adsense and Adwords are contributing to Global Earthquakes”

Google Hard Drive Space

The users of gmail may very well never have known about their contributions to this problem either.

Giving Pay Per Click Advertising (adsense) the Finger

google adsense adwords pay per click advertising 

I just got an email about Keith Baxter’s Free Report called – “Give PPC the Finger”

I will admit that I thought it was some hyped up offer to get me to join for free and get some offer…

…Turns out I was wrong… Way wrong.

The bottom line is, this report really opened my eyes. The good news is, the report also shows you what you need to know to succeed in the near future.

The times are changing and I it would be a shame for anyone to not read this report and fail like many will.

I read it, and I wanted to share it with you ASAP.

I recommend you take a break from whatever it is you are doing if you can and get access to this report now.

Consider your future success by going here now…

Give Google Pay Per Click Advertising The Finger – CLOSED

PS – Keith says it will only be available for a few
weeks at most so do not delay…

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