We finally got snow here in Edmonton.  It’s only a few days away until Dec 21 when we start rotating back towards the sun and the days begin to get longer again.  I really hate the winter.  Lack of sun and all that.  I’ve been doing some tanning the past couple of years over the winter months just to deal with SAD.

I find that I sleep a lot more in the winter months.  I saw a news article a few days ago about the effects of sleeping and weight gain.  I started looking into it, sleep that is, doing more than my normal “sleep research” as it were.  I found a lot of very interesting information about sleep and it’s effects.  Turns out too much sleep might be a bad thing.  Have a look over at Power Sleep System.  I also posted a few articles on my website about Sleep, The Recommended Hours of Sleep by Tom Venuto, Sleep MythsWhy Poor Sleep Lowers Your Immune System  from my blog and Can sleeping 8 hours kill you faster?

I’m tanning in a tanning bed from about Nov until February every year now too.  I find that I feel better from having a tan and I just seem to feel better in general as well.  Managing my sleep and getting some rays seem to be the right thing to do.