At 39 years of age, I finally attended my first Oktoberfest. I’m no longer an Oktoberfest virgin.

Edmonton Oktoberfest 2007

Darlene, myself, Paulette and Darlene’s brother in law Troy attended the Oktoberfest celebration this past Saturday night at the Shaw Conference Center. Doors opened at 6:30, but we left home at 7:30. We were wondering when they would stop serving food (how late I mean) and we risked it. It seemed that they kept serving to at least 9 PM. So if you’re wondering this yourself, I would risk it up until 9 PM for the years coming.

Music was provided by some Umpah pah band for the most part of the early evening and then David Wilcox for the rest of the night. Troy didn’t believe me that David is blind. I’m not completely sure if he’s blind, but I do know that after a show at the Edmonton Northlands Exhibition a few years ago, he had to be led off stage after his set. A guy came out, stood in front of David, put David’s hand on his shoulder and then led him off stage.

So at the end of David’s set, sure enough, a guy came out and led David off stage. Anyone have any confirmations or explanations on this?

oktoberfest Helga costume

Paulette borrowed a “Helga” outfit from a friend in Calgary and it was a big hit.

oktoberfest Edmonton Paulette and Darlene

My girlfriend Darlene and Paulette a few drinks into the evening

Edmonton Oktoberfest Rob scarey face

This has been officially named the “Coop scarey face” by Koralee Nickarz.

Paulette's Breasts

This is where the evening begins to get a bit weird. A typical photo taken by Paulette. I should do a post of “just” Paulette’s breasts. I could fill a page.

This is the only photo completely approved by Darlene for showing. The top one I like, you know, the green Oktoberfest hat, great looking girl, etc, but Dar’s not too happy with herself in it. So, the top one of Us, I like and this one is Dar approved.Is Oktoberfest a Holiday? anyone know? Or just a celebration of sausages, beer and music?Darlene approved photo