Tooth Teeth dentistaggghhhh.. I really hate anything teeth related.  When i was growing up in Melfort Saskatchewan, I had a dentist that I still belive is a butcher.  I always avoided dentists ever since leaving Melfort.

But, alas, I had to go a few years back and found Dr Baily Mack here in Edmonton.  He’s at the Kingsway Garden Mall.

Dr Mack is a dental God.

I have NEVER experienced any sort of pain after leaving his office.

Just the other day, I had to have two teeth pulled.  One was broken in half which happend just before I left for Africa to climb Kilimanjaro and I wasn’t able to see him.  I had his associate dentist patch the tooth so I’d survive for a few months.  Then just two days ago, I had it pulled along with a wisdom tooth.

no pain.  Quick, simple and easy extractions and no pain.

Dr Mack is my dental God.