My goal has always been to get to 6 % bodyfat by the summer of each year and so far the best I’ve gotten is 8% in February of 2005.  So here it is christmas again and I’m driving towards a new goal.  I saw a guy over on 35 to 35 because of his link to my blog so I dropped in for a read.  I believe his goal is 35 pounds in 35 weeks and that is the reason behind his domain name.

So, I realized that 7% by July 7th of 2007 would become 7777 (7%, 7th month, 7th day, 7th year) and would also be a cool goal.

So here it begins. 

I am not that lean now, and have a ways to go, but I know how to do it and I’ve done it before, so it’s just a matter of discipline, hard work and sacrifices in time and eating habits.  That should be easy.  It’s the decision that begins it all though and I have to get my head around that.

It begins with training harder to gain muscle mass which then accompanied with Cardio makes the muscle more efficient at burning fat.  I’ve spoken with my personal trainer and I’ve got a new program.  I have not been in the gym for almost 4 months due to work and travel and it’s time to get back at it.