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Website Announcments

I wanted to take a moment and just shoot out a few great websites that I’ve found recently.

Each of these websites show some great article announcements and such. They’re filled with article’s from the authors which then allow you to go to their websites and read the entire stories. Topics vary according to each website, but include money, finance, weight loss, parenting, writing, sports, golf, fishing etc.

Here they are: Hot Spot Blogs, Announced Blogs, I Seek Articles and one “odd” one on internet marketing.

Weight Loss and Fitness Article Directories

I created a new website for my weight loss articles and fitness articles over at clinicallyObese.com. Go ahead and use the articles for your own website or ezine if you like. They are primarily focused on weight loss, fat loss, personal development, personal training and about finding role models or mentoring. Update: I also just released a new article website at Article Adventure dot Com as well.

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