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There Is No God

You know, I don’t know what to write as a leading paragraph for this video about Sam Harris’ thoughts on religion and faith. There is a lot of discussion right now on my other blog about beliefs. It’s become a hot topic. Sam brings up the fact in the first part of this video about the fact that very few of us respect the beliefs of others. I’m finding that to be the case as well. I believe that we each have the right to believe what we want, regardless of what that is. I will not censor any comments on any of my blogs with the exception of hate.

Raised by a Jewish mother and a Quaker father, Sam studied Buddhism during a leave from Stanford. He’s currently working on a doctorate in Neurology specifically in the area of belief.

“The end is at last near!” It’s a tremendously appealing story, widely held now and in history. It has consequences, and that’s the subject of this Seminar About Long-term Thinking by Sam Harris, author of the incendiary, reverse-apocalyptic book, THE END OF FAITH.

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“Faith is the license that religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail. To keep believing in the absence of evidence. This is unacceptable in any other area of our lives”
– Sam Harris

Canadian Women Playing Hockey

canadian girl playing hockey

I often get a lot of questions about what it’s like living in Canada. Yes, we use snowmobiles to get around from igloo to igloo and we use whale blubber to power our generators for our internet connections.

We also get out when it’s nice enough and watch the women playing hockey now and then. The nice thing about it being so cold here all the time is that the ice never melts and we can play hockey year round.

Shhh… I Have A Secret

top secret

I have a secret. It’s something that I’m not allowed to talk about, but I wanted to talk about it anyway.. he he…How do you write about something that you can’t talk about? I was setting something up for one of my blogs when I was invited to participate in a Top Secret program. I had to agree that I would not tell anyone about it, so I did. The potential for a lot of money coming my way (more than normal I mean) is there, so I don’t want to screw with it.

It’s related to something you probably already know about, but they launched a very lucrative program that I was invited to participate in. I’m told that it will take a few days to kick into gear and then it begins to produce. I’ll let you know how it’s going and then update this if I’m ever allowed to talk about it.

That’s about it for that topic, now onto some new developments.. some things that aren’t secret:

1. I created my Twitter account

2. I created my Jaiku account

3. I created my former fat guy Squidoo lens – They’re really quite neat how they work.

4. I added some before and after pictures to my weight loss blog. I have it set to pick from 8 different “after” pictures randomly and then display it below my “before” picture

5. Was asked to contact by Chris Brogan to contact Kevin Kennedy-Spaien over at Health Hacks Podcast about doing a podcast for them on a bi-monthly basis. Kevin is the producer of the show and had a look around my websites former fat guy and my weight loss blog. He decided that I was indeed a good match for the show. I haven’t done any radio or podcast work since my former fat guy show back in 2003, so this will be a nice launch for my own podcast. I’ll let you know when that happens. In the mean time, check out the show:

health hacks podcast

6. I mentioned in a previous post about my new Make Money With Rob program. Excellent – get involved.

7. I’m working on a Scavenger Hunt program for my former fat guy website. Prizes can be won for finding the monthly scavenger hunt item.

8. I launched my Create A Blog website called Blog Building Basics. It’s still in the beginning phases, but will be the place for my Create A Blog book when I finish it.

Website Announcments

I wanted to take a moment and just shoot out a few great websites that I’ve found recently.

Each of these websites show some great article announcements and such. They’re filled with article’s from the authors which then allow you to go to their websites and read the entire stories. Topics vary according to each website, but include money, finance, weight loss, parenting, writing, sports, golf, fishing etc.

Here they are: Hot Spot Blogs, Announced Blogs, I Seek Articles and one “odd” one on internet marketing.

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