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Me posing with backpack on, clouds below in the distant, as I climb Mt Kilimanjaro

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Skydiver In Wingsuit Flys Past Mountains

The skydiver in this video gets so close to the mountain that he can reach out and touch it. I’ve jumped 40 times myself, but never used a wingsuit. To see him tracking along and then do a sumersault is amazing. I love it

How Big Is Your Deck?

It’s a good question “do you judge a man by the size of his deck?”.

Most people will tell you that the size of your deck is of no importance, however, secretly, “deck envy” is going on

[youtube r4KN4VVHBes nolink]

Classic Big Deck comedy by some of the best names in the business.  Makes you wonder who’s got the biggest deck for real?

Should All Muslims Be Document And Identified?

It’s a great question and thankfully Chaser went to the streets in the United States to take a poll.  Lots of great ideas in his survey which turned up a lot of great responses.  The Americans have it all covered.

[youtube qnmvToZjRIc nolink]

Makes me proud to be Canadian

How Facebook Can Affect Your Life

Can you find love on facebook? Is it possible? I think that is.. it’s such a sexual place, or can be. Do you use it for networking and connecting with people, or do you use for for meeting the opposite sex?

Facebook should be used for Good, not Evil… but we can’t all be perfect

[youtube mvepYYNjfBk nolink]

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