I’ve been approved by Clickbank!

After having my Bodybuilder Interviews website up and running for about a year using 1Shoppingcart.com as my payment processor, I’ve decided to move it to a new domain and name and market it through Clickbank.

With 1Shoppingcart.com, I’m charged on a monthly basis $80 US for managing my product downloads and handling my autoresponder.

The disadvantage is that I’m not listed in any marketplace and have to manually find affiliates to promote my product and I have to pay a monthly fee.

By moving to clickbank, my product is listed in the marketplace which thousands or hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers visit to find products.  A lot of affiliates also automate the entire process using their Clickbank Malls or Product RSS feeds.

Initially, I was marketing the interviews as “bodybuilder Interviews” because they’re audio interviews with the worlds top bodybuilders giving their secrets to fat loss and building your ultimate physique.

Alas, I’ve decided to market it as “fat loss insider secrets” reaching a more targeted niche, people looking to improve their fat loss or weight loss goals, rather than appealing to Bodybuilders.  It’s just a bit more focused.

I also redesigned the product logo or image to match the product.

Before moving over to Clickbank, I wanted to be able to secure my download page and be able to manage many future products as well as affiliates, so I turned to Easy Clickmate software