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Solution: The Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly WordPress Error

I had made some changes to a few plugins on a Wordpress blog only to get a The Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly error. I quickly tracked down the issue with a little help from another blogger with a similar issue.

lips that touch liquor shall not touch ours

Lips That Touch Liquor

Based on this poster from 1919, you might make a different decision to drink or not

Quad Rain Barrel Water Collection System

I created a rain barrel water collection system using 4 rain barrels connected in series by their bottoms. The Quad rain barrel system stores roughly 220 gallons of rain water but fills as one complete unit. Excess water from the full barrels is routed to my compost pile for an extra soaking. Collection system utilizes 80 feet of PVC pipe that routes all rain water from north side of my house and garage to the rain barrels.

Solution: Cant Create Categories in WordPress

I got a call from a client saying “I can’t create categories in wordpress”, so popped into his blog for a look. Sure enough, can’t create categories and in a related matter, can’t edit permalink structure for the url of the post either. A google search turned up no real answers and I thought, “the answer is in the log files” ….

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